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Arctic expansion

Published 22.12.2016

Arctic hotspots Rovaniemi and Kittilä start with Cotio

The airports in Lapland are prepared for the busiest winter since 2007 with about 450 charter flights arriving in Lapland in December alone.

The busiest charter airports of the month will be Kittilä (150 in December) and Rovaniemi (140) which both have started cooperation with Cotio.

Cotio’s CEO Kimmo Collander sees the importance of securing the Christmas spirit for travellers of the North: “No Christmas present shall be left behind only because you have forgot to put it in checked baggage.”

Cotio will also send back items that have been removed from the checked baggage. “Power banks are aa example of items that are removed from checked baggage. Now the passengers can get also them back with the help of Cotio.”

Ahead of Christmas, as many as 30 charter flights will land a day in Lapland. The majority of the tourists will come from Britain. In addition, there will be flights from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, and Spain.

The international scheduled routes to Rovaniemi include London, Berlin and Zurich. Kittilä can be reached directly from London, Manchester, Munich and Dusseldorf.

Updated 22.12.2016