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Why Cotio?


“Extremely smooth system. The mobile site gets a big plus, too.”

Lauri / November 2017

It’s simple.

When a passenger is carrying items that are not allowed on the aircraft, they are removed at the security checkpoint. With their easy-to-use web application Cotio can help the passengers to get their items back. Cotio provides passengers with detailed instructions for using the service and keeps them informed about the retrieving process at all times. The service works smoothly for both carry-on and checked baggage.

It helps your staff.

With Cotio your airport security personnel are able to offer passengers world-class service while keeping their job simple. Your personnel will be given clear instructions on how to inform passengers of Cotio’s service.

It makes the passenger flow faster.

Offering Cotio’s service to the passengers can reduce arguments over prohibited items by giving passengers an opportunity to get their surrendered items back. This makes the passenger flow at the security checkpoints faster.

It does good.

Depending on the laws and regulations in force, an airport operator may have a possibility to donate or sell items that have not been retrieved. Cotio can support the operator in both cases.  

By using Cotio’s service airport operators are able to reduce their impact on the environment, as usable items are sent back to their owners rather than being thrown away or given to charity.

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Updated 16.11.2017