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Get it back – easily

Was an important item removed from your belongings at the security checkpoint? Don’t worry, with Cotio’s easy-to-use service you can get it back. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. When the security officer removes the prohibited item from your belongings, you will receive a receipt containing an ID code.
  2. Keep the receipt safe during your trip! You will need it when signing into the Cotio service.
  3. Go to cotios.com, and enter your code and the airport ID. Select your method of delivery.
  4. Your item will be delivered to you within 20 business days. Cotio will store your item for 30 days.

Service fee

A small service fee will be charged. The service fee depends on the nature of the item and the chosen delivery method. 

Pickup point

At some airports, you can retrieve the surrendered item from Cotio’s pickup point.


The service is currently available in English and Finnish

Updated 6.3.2020