We get it back


What is Cotio

Cotio – We get it back

We develop security control services that improve the overall customer experience at airports.

With our help, you can

  • ease the work of your security control personnel
  • improve passenger flow through security screening
  • offer the passengers world-class service
  • reduce the impact on the environment
  • do good with our charity program

Cotio is a new digital service designed for passengers to reclaim items, which have been removed from them by the security service, in a straight-forward and cost-effective manner. With the service surrendered items can be retrieved via cotios.com for a small service fee. The online service is currently available in English, Finnish, Swedish and Russian.

“It’s the best service I’ve come across in a long time! I forgot my multi-purpose knife in my backpack once, and it was discovered at the security check. It was amazing that with Cotio’s service, I was able to have it delivered back to me. Otherwise my knife would’ve been lost forever. All in all: a great service and a great idea! Thank you Cotio!” 

Pauli / Finland, October 2016

Updated 10.8.2018